Honor Thy Father and Mother…….

I had the honor of taking my parents pictures.  They mean more to me than they will ever know and so do these pictures, I will cherish them for the rest of my life!  They have been married for 36 years and it was awesome to be able to capture the love these two share for each other.  It has been an on going joke in the family that my mom does not photograph well, that she has the Chandler syndrome (the friends episode where he smiles normal until he gets in front of the camera and his smile instantly becomes distorted :)), but boy did she prove us WRONG!!  She is so beautiful and my dad is quite handsome, I might add :).  They are the best parents in the world, especially to have put up with me all these years (in particular my teenage years, yikes!).  They have done so much for their three children, and I am so thankful!!  I can’t even possibly repay them so I guess this is my small way of giving back to them :).  I love you both!!

One Response to “Honor Thy Father and Mother…….”

  1. Alyssa Ascencio

    These pictures are precious!!!